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Diginlink is the meeting point for partnerships and technology, resulting in valuable shopping experiences and scalable, lucrative growth. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based channel that allows a diverse network of partners to reach, influence, and convert buyers at every stage of their purchasing process, both online and offline.

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Benefits of Collaboration

For Advertisers
  • Insights On-Demand
    With our configurable period-over-period programme analysis, you may tap into the expertise of our data science team.
  • Great Support Team
    The greatest CPA program for freshmen as well as expert affiliates in the world. Create an account and you can start promoting
  • Omni-Channel Integrations
    We've got you covered, both online and offline. You may rest easy knowing that tracking is protected from browser limits and complies with privacy laws.
  • Partnership Discoveries
    Partners can have a better knowledge of performance by affiliates and also assess customer value to see the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Deep Campaign Strategy
    Advertisers can see how new, lapsed, and returning customers engage with your products and watch & understand the customer journey touchpoints.
  • Sustained Product Growth
    Our comprehensive in-platform tools, solutions, and experience help brand partners achieve better, longer-term growth in business.
  • Online Advertising
    Diginlink is the best CPA Soluction for individuals who want to make money online, we have several outstanding monetization alternatives.
  • Robust APIs
    Our API gives you access to detailed technical documentation, allowing you to be more flexible in how you identify or manage offers, discover products to promote, and track programme performance.
  • Smart Optimize
    Highest security & adaptability to integrate publishers with single link and ad codes. Can Help You Generate More Leads and Sales
  • Easy to Use
    Easy to Start and Manage an Affiliate Program with diginlink, set everything up in just a few minutes step-by-step.
For Affiliates
  • Reliable Payments
    We enable you to receive payments in native currency through local bank account, eliminating the need of overseas bank account.
  • Easy to Setup
    Greatest CPA network for newbies in the globe, with several outstanding monetization features. All you have to do is register and begin promoting.
  • Omni-Channel Tracking
    Both online and offline, we've got your back. You may relax knowing that tracking is not limited by browser settings and conforms with privacy regulations.
  • Robust APIs
    API provides complete technical documentation, allowing you to be more flexible in select or manage offers and locate products to promote
  • Smart Commission
    Transparency is crucial when it comes to your earned commissions: get instant access to all earned commissions and previous payouts.

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