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About Us

About Diginlink

Diginlink is an affiliate network that works with over 12,000 advertisers agencies. We are a network of networks that serves as a one-stop-shop for those who value convenience. Those who want all their affiliate links, payments, technology, and support services from one team need not go anywhere else.

About Us

What is Diginlink

Make Money While You Sleep

Diginlink rendered services to publishers which their avail to earn revenue and information through their commerce-related content. In simple terms, it is a process by which a publisher generates a link on the content available to the user. When the link is clicked, the user is transported to the Merchant’s website and if a purchase is made, yields publisher a referral fee by the merchant via Diginlink.

The referral fee has no link with the price that the user page not does it influences its experience with the merchant.

The industry leader in partnership management solution empowering brands or marketers to unlock the scalable growth through end-to-end software solution and service.

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