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2022-09-19 06:11:07

favorites: the one stop shopping tool

Favorites allow your audience to send their favorite items from your Product Widgets directly to their inbox to either shop later or be alerted of any sales.

This feature is available  on all widgets for US DiginLink influencers and their shoppers.

Why you will ♡ this one-stop shopping tool

Gain a New Revenue Stream.

You’ll earn commission from purchases made through emails.

Grow Your Newsletter List.

Enable “Collect Email Addresses” in your Account settings and create a custom prompt. You can download the list of signups from your DiginLink dashboard as a .CSV file and import into email platforms like MailChimp.

Expand the Impact of Your Blog.

Move beyond inspiration and content monetization by creating a shopping experience your readers will love.

Extend Your Conversion Window.

Allow readers to save and shop later. You can improve your post-click conversion by up to 40%.

How it works:

When visitors "favorite" an item in a product widget on your blog, they are prompted to enter their email address. They’re also given the opportunity to opt-in to your newsletter, if you have this feature turned on. Post signup, visitors receive an email confirmation with favorited products, making it easy for high-intent visitors to purchase later even before a price-drop occurs.

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