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2022-09-19 06:32:46

How To Use Data To Make More Money Blogging

Learn how you can use data – like AOV (Average Order Value) – to earn more on your blog and social channels.

As a content creator looking to make the most from your content, you need to just join DiginLink in order to improve.

At DiginLink, we believe detailed sales data gives you the power and knowledge to understand your audience, drive more dollars, measure your exact impact on brands and retailers, and build a better media kit.

Using Sales, AOV, conversion, and your intuition, you can target your content to match your audience’s budget and preferences.

For today, we are going to focus on AOV (average order value). You can use this data to understand your audience’s general budget.

AOV gives insight into what your audience is inspired to buy. For example, if you link to a $300 item, but your AOV is close to $92, your audience isn’t likely to buy the featured $300 item. However, by incorporating varied price points like this into your content, you’re inspiring your audience to shop — and that can help evolve their behavior.

Look at your AOV and conversion by retailer. Do you have a retailer with great conversion, but a lower AOV? What’s your most clicked on product? Pair these all together to create the perfect mix: create a post about that highly clicked on product, add similar items at the desired price point, and link out to your high converting retailer.

Why should you look for a lower AOV?

IMPULSE purchases! Take advantage of smaller order sizes and create content that is easy to purchase. (Think categories like tops, jackets, shoes, skin care, and home decor.)

What should you take into account with higher AOVs?

Look at AOV by brands and categories. Is this your users' normal spending (check it against overall AOV) or did you inspire a splurge? Get to know the brands your customers are willing to splurge on and which trigger an impulse buy.

Test different price points and measure success.

Speaking of impulse buys and splurges, do you think your audience is willing to stretch their budget for the right items? If so, try including products outside of your audience’s normal AOV and see how they perform, then look at AOV to assess whether you’re driving sales at the higher price point.

Test your content with lower price points too. You can drive up your AOV through easy to buy items. Think “5 everyday essential pieces for under $25.” Wouldn’t you buy them all to try?

Improve your shoppable content by channel.

Inspire your followers to shop more often. Look at your AOV by platform and create content that makes it simple to shop on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, Youtube, etc! If your blog AOV is $125, but Facebook is $50, customize your content per channel. Create a “10 must-have shoes for under $100” for your blog and then customize it to “5 must-have shoes under $50” for Facebook.

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