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2022-09-19 06:32:46

New DiginLink Know Your Worth Program

Introducing “Know Your Worth”, a first-of-its-kind program available for all influencers in our DiginLink network.

DiginLink is proud to offer our influencers the tools needed to #PowerYourPassion.

We are the only influencer affiliate network eliminating uncertainty around affiliate earnings and giving influencers transparency into what and how they are earning.

Detailed Sales Data

Now, DiginLink influencers will know the exact amount of sales they are driving to retailers and more including sales and average order value (AOV) by retailer, brand, product, and category. Influencers can use this data to:

Understand their audience

Sales and average order value (AOV) information can give insights into where readers shop and what their budgets are like.

Understand their retailer performance

Use sales, AOV, conversion rate, and commissions to analyze revenue performance at the retailer level.


Try out new strategies and use data to validate the results.

Enhance their brand story

Knowing how much money an influencer has historically driven to brands can help enrich their media kit.

Transparent Earning Structure

Similar to most monetization platforms for publishers/influencers/content creators, we operate on a revenue share model. DiginLink influencers earn a percentage of every sale they drive with our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) structure.

As a partner to our influencers, DiginLink works with merchants, creates platform monetization tools, and leverages our data insights to help grow their business. We utilize our scale and relationships, working with our retailer partners to get the highest affiliate rates, longest cookie windows, and other special offers to enhance your content.

The industry leader in partnership management solution empowering brands or marketers to unlock the scalable growth through end-to-end software solution and service.

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