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Terms and Conditions

The publisher Membership Agreement is used to monitor the participation in the network. It is running in their understanding click on other languages “OK” box or similar income. I think you will agree that the effective date of this agreement is when you click “OK” on the date. To print a copy of this agreement, use the print order using the browser.

Please note that you do not click on this agreement or through the commission, which is not subject to the terms of this Agreement. It should be noted that this convention is attached as supplemental appendices 1 to 4. Please carefully check all the supplementary accessories.

This Publisher Membership Agreement is between you (“you”) and Diginlink , a limited liability company organized and existing under the laws of Delaware, United States of America, except that if your business is headquartered in, or, if you are an individual, you reside in:

1. In European Economic Area or the Swiss Economic Zone, the agreement between you and Diginlink Interaction INC. established between Internet Marketing Europe Limited, a limited liability company and in the country for the purposes of this convention is the publisher taking into account the European region.

2. Australia, then this agreement is between you and Diginlink and Organisation owned by the company in accordance with Australian law for the purposes of this agreement will be considered ”Australian region publisher.”

3. Any of the following countries: China, Indonesia, Hong Kong Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippian, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, or Vietnam then this agreement is between you and Diginlink Australia and for the purpose of this agreement they will be considered ”Asian region publishers.”

4. Brazil, then this agreement is between you Diginlink is either the establishment of a limited liability company and they and the purpose of the law in Brazil and the purpose of this agreement is considered by the “Brazilian regional editor”.

If you have registered or accepted the name of the unit on behalf of the company, it is believed that this agreement has been accepted on behalf of these companies.

This means that the convention deals with the “Agreement” of the publishers, individuals, and communities, with the context and all the political and policy guidance of the region’s specific payment such as payment policy in the region of Brazil or the network (the “network policy”), as in fact occasionally.

The Network Policies can be accessed by clicking or such other links that we may advise you from time to time. In view of the other factors and good values contained in this document, they have confirmed and received sufficient mutual commitments and agreements, and both parties agree that they intend to abide by the law, as follows:


1.1 Registration

To use (or reuse) the network as a publisher network do you need to provide information to Diginlink on the registration of the integrity of the market, accurate and complete. If this information is changed, you must update your registration information immediately.

1.2 Accurate Registration Information

Diginlink on the right to check the validity and accuracy of the registration information at any time. It should be noted that if Diginlink finding indicate information to be misleading inaccurate then Diginlink can have your account restricted and or Access denied service and use. Diginlink can also pays Commission to stop and or other fees you can pay, or you can, and you can evaluate this related amount in the study to Diginlink activities and or confirm this information and or otherwise comply with this convention.

1.3 Participation

To access the network, you must have at least one person aged 18 a legal person, must provide the computer equipment and internet access.

1.4 Use of the Internet

If you have already registered as an employee, you acknowledge that the Diginlink service is free of charge to provide a network of services for connection services to facilitate exclusive business transactions and accepted just to use the web trade in order to facilitate advertising for your company and other uses. They also confirm that the use of that network that is involved in the company does not operate as a consumer.

2. Define terms

2.1. The following terms are the meaning indicated:

Advertiser: explain who owns and manages the website and or other companies through the internet to obtain the customer or any other and uses of any person.

Content: means information, data, documents, text, software, sound, music, photograph, graphic, and video

A Corporate affiliate is one who is directly or indirectly controlled by the person or person or under the same control and it’s such a person’s control does not lead to ”control” of the direct power or indirect possession of any other person that is the management and human policy direction.

An end-user means that the consumer or the actual or potential customers or others.

Engagement: means at any time in your contract agreement with the advertising network or in some cases agreement with you or Diginlink which may be initiated via the internet or converted or included institute in member marketing currently linked to online tracking monitoring activities.

An Entity means that a legal person from a legal person of their own age is a recognized person or a company or a limited liability company or a reliable institution or governmental agency or other property.

The words “include”, “includes”, and “including” shall be deemed to be followed by the phrase “without limitation”.

Intellectual Property Rights copyright, content, documentation, training manuals, and other materials, as well as all patents, trade, secrets, trademarks, and copyrights of copyright and moral rights and other Intellectual Property Rights and property, whether it is registered or not, and so on. A link means that any program code or script or programming technique or another method (or any combination thereof) (1) establish as a connection between two sides or (2) to show the access path in the ”Logo” or ”user” or ”text” a word or phrase of the logo or text material or graphic others when someone is activated, resulting in a page template that this person or person can access to online content, products, services or links to other pages offer. Network means that the affiliate network marketing online network means running Diginlink interaction incorporation by introducing a contract with the network of network editors.

The phrase “provided by “Diginlink provided” shall, when used in relation to tools, services, resources, or other offerings in compass the provision therefore by Diginlink interaction or Diginlink interaction related parties.

Network advertisers are those who want to join the network and through this participation and the use of the appropriate offer, or seek to distribute the network publishers and advertiser, close to the network advertiser’s contract is affected.

Network publisher is one who is involved in the online media and through such participation and the use of the appropriate of or would like to add them in a contract in the contract or give it available for viewing or distribution of compensation for eligible bonds. Network Publisher Account Area referred to pages of private networks are the areas of the site pages by Diginlink for the convenience of the use of formation of the interaction Publication network registered to include a specific wallet address from time to time and with it the report and participate in the network. Offerings mean that Diginlink introduces you related to the interaction or in the technical, software, reporting, database, customer service, account management, and other customers seminar, Summits, and the education, and Web Services, as well as other tools and services as well as other forms Diginlink party, can provide or make resources from time to time.

A person is to be broadly construed and include any natural person or entity prohibited activity means lender or defamation threatening harassment or harassment of any of the following acts

(a) discrimination is illegal based on race, ethnicity, sex, religion, nationality, age, inclination disability or any other basis under applicable law

(b) gambling is illegal;

(c) to see the sale or export or use of illicit substances;

(d) the obscene, pornographic or similar activities or explicit activities;

(e) Terrorism, rebellion other unlawful activity;

(f) any material and/or hyperemia downloading of congestion and/or other property for sale or other material in any form without the permission of the author violation of any of laws or regulations or intellectual property or any other rights of any person or entity of the owner or entity of the conflict or infringement of this intellectual property;

(g) (A) in any way the minor’s damage; or

(j) any fraudulent activity or any person imitating, including any interaction Diginlink on behalf of or with any person misleading affiliation.

A Qualifying link is any type or form of link that is provided Diginlink or authorized by the side to display this distribute or be arranged at or through the joining and by any technical and or method of joining and/or using the exposure of neutral link interaction online advertisers monitor and click through the presentation and or contract distribution and/or the link to continue and/or other activities. The term qualified Bond also refers to any building mechanism or equivalent technique that starts when you click on the qualifying link to produce the same result.

Diginlink related parties mean that the entrepreneurs and the company authorized dealers and service providers Diginlink suppliers. Site is in other words according to the needs of the context for the web data files or Computer databases, email, script, programs, or other applications or other news sites in addition to the support of documents and software provided or required on the train or connected to it the person or operating two sides obtain the work you can have every person’s company that is an on contract a whole there is no preacher dies to his purpose for his convention by a place. A tracked activity means the outcome of any posters required for any progress of free agreed order find link qualification activities you can include the following types of that advertisers you can try to complete these arrangements see for example images of Impressions on no I sell products and services are download programs are documents or other elements of the process complete the registration or registration or open any other form of any account members and coupons currently containment or any other work business activities that can be printed to track and report.

“Web” or “Internet” or ” online” means that Global computer networks such as the internet are currently in knowing known including the world wide web and all the network behind it is not available for wired and wireless other connected devices, platforms or technologies to access it.

3. Participation

3.1 Participation:

according to the terms of the agreement shows that that connected to the network publishers network transactions can use the publisher to be on the network. Your contribution is voluntary and participation can be at any time. Diginlink explains any advertising network or has a request for an application of purchase a promotion service link interaction or any online advertising or trade, or its own business, Merchandise, product or service or merchandise.

3.2 Not a Supplier, etc:

it is not allowed for anybody that not at any time you should use the goods or services of the supplier, dealer to Diginlink. The user can interpret or find or a part of the interactive needling as an incentive to subscribe or pay for compensation not to participate in the network or use any products or services offered on offer.

3.3 prohibited activities:

related or connected to the website (or part thereof) for its participation in the network it is not possible to exercise any activity in May constitute or imply that it may facilitate or facilitate any prohibited activities.

4. Qualifying links

4.1 use of qualifying links:

Ek Lenge is qualified to use Limited in non-volatile form the tracking code, defined by Diginlink.

4.2 valid referrals only:

developed for use qualified link to provide even consent. Does not allow or intentionally that everyone can activate or attempt to activate an attempt to influence the amount result of an in his own Limited combination of the results of the required or orbit, including but not limited to you to the use of any method or technology that does not actually give the user a permanent connection target site with this link.

4.3 final and binding determinations:

Diginlink's determination as to whether attract activity resulted from a qualifying shall be final and binding on you.

4.4 distribution of qualifying links you agree to the following:

1. At the request of Diginlink from time to time on the website of the Diginlink list (for any non owned or operated non owned or any of the following appropriate necessary information) to create is pages in response to the link qualification and related material planning or distribution and/or use.

2. Direct cooperation and interaction with reason Diginlink inquiries complaints are claims or to the network wherein these connections are allowed in distributed online advertising or used including stopping the distribution of more qualified links (and related material) and when appropriate other questions raised by each advertiser. You agree that you are responsible for any breach of this agreement from the use of any acts or omissions that result from the approval of a link to a third-party website. Diginlink interaction reserves the right to prevent the distribution of qualified links all show link to other sites.

4.5 no modification etc. of qualifying links:

you do not agree with any other forms and any other means and/or technical and/or Diginlink of the necessary or available consent and /or relative to any method used to modify or block, destroy interfere with or disrupt online advertising, the provision of symbols including the promotion and presentation of eligible links. You agree that you cannot create a special rehabilitation treatment for ear link and unless specifically authorized to do so through the relevant advertising network in which case all the conditions are agreed to be tied to the existing network.

4.6 termination of qualifying link:

Diginlink or the relevant network advertiser may terminate any qualifying links associated with any engagement you must remove the announcement of the skate older participation, including termination of the Representation of the appropriate network share after the expiration of the approved link. it is approved by the compound, it will not be removed in the case of Diginlink of these links forward to decide, paid or unpaid for you to decide.

4.7 no modification of content you may use advertiser’s change on the web or change the size of format, modify or alter any content provided otherwise, unless expressly permitted by advertisers on the web. In this case, this adjustment should be very much in line with its limitation on this network.

4.8 discontinuing use of qualified links:

you may at any time discontinue the use of qualifying links by removing that qualified links from your site with or without notice of Diginlink but you still end up being involved very the terms of duty and agreement should confirm to or agreement.

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